2 entries already, can I keep this pace up?

It's worth mentioning at this stage of the game that this Blog doesn't carry the usual restraints of a Radio Station Programme Director. On air, I have to toe the line as we're a family radio station, here I'm not being airchecked every week so I can pretty much say what I like. Don't be surprised if I do. Maybe this will be an outlet for the things I want to say on air but can't. Maybe not.

On that, our boss is leaving. That's a bit weird. He hired me. Him and I used to work together on another station about 10 years ago, we're good mates. Having your mate who is your boss leave is unnerving in a performance based industry. What if the new person wants to make sweeping changes? What if they're a dick?

Chances are though, they'll be someone we know as it's a pretty small industry, most likely they'll come in with new fresh ideas that will make us sound hotter. It's a big job, probably the biggest PD job in the country. It's sad to see the current boss go, and while unsettling, exciting to see someone new come in and show us what they can do with us.

Business as usual in the meantime, trying to entertain the audience in the way that C4 and South Park can't. The boss there is Jewish incidentally, I've worked with him before as well. I wonder if I should do a skit about the Jewish boss of C4 in a shower? Best not. He's actually quite a nice guy.


  1. Hey Dave

    very interesting read.lol

    How will you find the time to update this?LOL

  2. I'm feeling all motivated at the mo so that's probably a good thing. Bunty, our afternoon man says this could be quite a good exercise for me in accountability among other things.

    We'll see. Keep coming back and kick my ass if I'm not updating wnough for your liking.