Belly envy

One of the best things you can say to a pregnant woman is that her belly is bigger than the next pregnant woman’s. Seems belly envy is a big thing amongst those who’re expecting.

Then, as I’m glowing from paying my wife such a good compliment, she comes out of the BP with 2 packets of M&Ms, Burger Rings AND Cheezels grinning like the cat that got the cream. It’s been a good day for my wife.

These fresh allegations against David Benson Pope. Why now? Almost 10 years later?

Whether it sticks or not is not the issue here, and I’ve never had a teacher burst into my dorm while I’m in my undies so I can’t speak on that - but the allegations about whacking kids with rulers and biffing dusters, I had both of those happen to me when I was a kid and I deserved it!

The ruler whack in Standard 2 was because a mate and I were playing with dinky cars on our desks instead of doing maths, and the flying duster was a legend in standard 3, so was the kid who caught it one day and biffed it back at the teacher.

That particular teacher has since tried to get me into Amway which is even worse but I’m not going to go all Michael Jackson on him.


  1. atleast your wife has a better craving than what my mum had with me....she used to eat............"COAL"!!

  2. Apparently, when my mother was pregnant, she ate a fair chuck of chocolate. My grandmother predicted that I would be covered in choc when I was born. I'm now a recovering chocoholic. Coincidence?