Inappropriate comments in cafes

I got scowled at today, I was at a cafe and in the counter food cabinet they had what they called ‘Israeli Couscous Salad.’ So I asked if they had a Palestinian salad as well.

The waitress giggled. Then, she’s paid to deal with idiot comments, it was the lady waiting for her trim flat white who flicked me the dirty look, I considered telling her that they hardly ever put trim milk in if it’s just one trim coffee in amongst the boys milk coffees, but I’d already pissed her off enough.

When you’re on the radio, you’re always looking for the funny gag. My long suffering wife is used to it. Most of the time.

Meantime, texting is back in the news for causing RSI. Here's a thought, shouldn't we be evolving? Shouldn't using our thumbs for texting cause our thumbs to adapt? If we just pushed through the pain like you do when you're running with stitch will that make our great great grandchildren's thumbs more dexterous?

Tell me if there’s a fundamental hole in that plan won’t you.

The German community believes it is highly unlikely Nazi war criminals are living in New Zealand. Lets be honest, if they are they’re in rest homes or have handed in their knife and fork already and are busy pushing up the daisies.

Finally, Business New Zealand has waded into the debate about the price of broadband, commissioning a study to compare Telecom prices with prices in other countries. They found that NZ is better off than some others when it comes to broadband.

We're on dial up at home and it does the job, when broadband is cheaper than dial up and I don't have to pay for a modem I'll change over. It's like going from Sky UHF to digital or 025 to 027 eh.

Anyway, the study found out that we’re better off than Ethiopia, Pakistan, Tibet and Costa Rica.

Yeah, that was another joke.


  1. if people don't have a sense of humour,they should stay out of public and have a sad lonely life in the confines of there home.
    It doesn't hurt to smile and be friendly.

  2. Totally agree about Broadband - what were Telecom's profits last year?? I'll sign up when the speed is way up and the price is way down.