It all takes time doesn't it..

Finding time to write, screwing it up and starting again. I'm in the middle of Wednesday night Feb 22 giving away movie tickets and playing Belfast Child by Simple Minds, it's 6 minutes long.

What do you want to know? Typical day? Photo of studio? Webcam? Audio from the show? Personal stuff going on at home? Random opinions?

I've looked at other radio jocks pages and those things seem to be the norm. I want this page to be interesting, not knaff. Hey, this whole idea might be dumb but we don't know if we don't try eh.

So the plan is for you to read this and feel like you know me a little better, by knowing me, it might make my show stand out from other nightshows, we're doing pretty well at the moment but we can always do better.

Comment, be honest, I can take it. I think. If I can't handle it I'll delete the whole thing in a shitty mood and never return. Of course you might like what you read, find my opinion interesting, I also might just piss you off. You never know. The worst thing would be if you thought I was a pratt for doing it. Then, I'm in a performance industry, if I rate good, I keep my job. If I don't, my contract doesn't get renewed and that scares the crap out of me. I have a pregnant wife, I am man, I must provide. So you can see why a little self promotion is necessary.

Right. Off to answer the phone, requests are coming in. I may even talk to you.


  1. get back to bloody work dave,stop plating on the net and play some real

  2. Hi Dave

    You have a great radio show,been listening to you for about two years and the show just keeps getting better.I had no choice but had to listen to a different stations for a few nights recently and they are no-way near as good as the night club.
    The show is very relaxed,friendly and interesting.
    Trev and Vicki

  3. ok dave.
    so honesty is the key word on here?
    what is this most embarrasing moment you have had live on-air?

  4. Embarrassing moment #1: First time ever opening a mic on a radio station. i did a big introduction, hit the song and it didn't work. Hit some more buttons, no good. I said, "F*ckin Hell" on air and the PD ran in and fixed it. My Aunty still has that on tape somewhere.

  5. lol.that is so funny and typical of

    ok,last one for tonight...
    can you remember the worse person you have had on the phone while at classic hits and why?

  6. The bad ones can actually make good radio, the trick is to make them entertaining and if that means taking the piss out of them then so be it!

    Hang up calls are frustrating - why ring a radio station and hang up? What does that achieve??

    I'm lucky that we're not targetting kids so we don't get as many as they get on other stations I've worked for.

  7. Dave you're the greatest .... just glad your butt is blurred out in that photo though :)

  8. dave.
    how about once a week,so on a friday evening,you choose an item that has been in the news during the week and do a phone pole on the subject or do a half hour discussion?

  9. Dave
    how about a live webcam in the studio?

  10. A webcam would be cool, although I’d probably need a university degree to work it. I left school after sixth form so there’s a fat chance of that.

    As for half an hour of talkback on a Friday night.. Nup, not a chance. We’re a music station, although we do have a piddly little talkback station in our building, try them!