Nice clean cars

Ok so my wife had to get a WOF today, so she took some stuff out of her car. 8 pairs of shoes, 3 weeks worth of letterbox junkmail, February’s Skywatch magazine, (yes I’m aware it’s almost March) one of the sashes from her bridesmaids dresses, we got married April last year by the way, some burger king sauce and an empty pack of M&Ms.

Apparently its calledbaby brain to do things like that. Its pretty adorable from where Im sitting.

Here comes the segue...

Speaking of clean cars, (smooth eh!) I have a thing against intersection window washers, its probably a little unfair but to me they look like theyre on P. Lock your windows and avoid eye contact before they get their filthy brush anywhere near your car and abuse hell out of them if they go ahead and do it anyway. Thats my feeling anyway.

Anyway, a marketing opportunity has been finally been realised. The young Auckland woman at the top of Union street as you get ready to go either down Nelson, up Pitt or onto the Motorways wearing the white sportsbra and skimpy shorts is making a killing.

Im still not letting her near my car though. I can look but you cant touch.. or something like that.

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  1. I can relate to your wife and her car. Keep up the great radio banter espec. with Bunty. I have been listening to this radio station for ages... we only get it in South Westland... wel I think we might get the other station in Grey? or Westport wherever it comes from but I don't like it at all. I remember Mary Jane Tomasi from Hari Hari on Radio Scenicland as it used to be known..thats where Im from Hari Hari in two words not one.