And coming up after the news..

Every night at 6.55pm, Bunty, our afternoon host asks me what’s coming up in my show, sometimes I list off a bunch of stuff that we’re doing, sometimes we’ll end up on some weird tangent.

I prefer the weirdness.

Say you’re at home with the family…
“Dad, what are we doing tonight?”

“Well son, after the news we’re having dinner, then we’re going to do the dishes and I’m going to make sure you’ve done your homework. You can watch the Simpsons for half an hour then it’s bedtime because your mother and I want to watch CSI. News and sport is next.”

It’s good information to have sure, but does it really excite you to stay?

“Coming up in the show I’m going to talk about that story in the news and say something funny on the end if it.” Or, “Tonight I’m going to talk about my mum dying 20 years ago and hopefully bring a tear to you eye.” Or, “If you were a fan of the Chills in the mid 80s then you’re going to love the song we play in 15 minutes.”

You have your life to get on with and even if I tell you your favourite Duran Duran song is on after the news, will you stick round? I don't know. Will I know if you turn the radio off? No.

So all I can do is try and entertain you now. At this one moment. That’s it. Oh, and the Secret Sound is coming up shortly.

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  1. Hi there Dave,

    Just sending you an email to say this is the first time I've listened to your show, due to losing rock, paper, scissors and loser (me) having to do the dishes. So on goes the radio and yah, a WHAM song is on (I'm a WHAM fan from way back). I was hooked in that instant.

    So back to the subject, I just wanted to say your show is awesome, I haven't stopped singing since I turned the radio on and sad to say I may just be doing the dishes more often as an excuse to lock myself in the kitchen and sing (badly) till my hearts content.

    You have yet another fan. Have a great night.