And the nominees are...

It’s awards season here in radio, and we at Classic Hits are up for one or two. When you're nominated you celebrate, when you're not you say, "Ah the awards process is all wrong, f*cking awards."

You can understand that even though I'm a little disappointed not to be nominated for best non breakfast alongside Murray, I'm immensely proud of the people I work with that have been.

Anyhoo, come awards night, everyone gets absolutely slaughtered at Sky City together!

Best Music Breakfast Host or Hosts – Metropolitan
Andrew, Jacque & Justin’s Classic Breakfast – Classic Hits Auckland

Best Music Breakfast Host or Hosts - Regional
Kent & Bundy’s Classic Breakfast – Classic Hits Nelson
Boggy & the Brekkie Crew – Classic Hits Southland

Best On-Air Team or Individual Air Personality - Provincial
Mark Dallas, Lana Searle, Kerryn Benefield Classic Hits Oamaru
Luke Valentines House of Fun – Classic Hits Gisborne

Best Non-Breakfast Host or Hosts - Metropolitan
Murray Lindsay – Classic Hits

Programmer of the year
Dallas Gurney – Classic Hits Auckland

Station of the year - Metropolitan
Classic Hits Auckland

Best Station Imaging
Classic Hits Imaging – Phil Yule, The Voice Box

Talented buggers eh! To see a full list which shows, shock horror - OTHER stations as well. Go HERE.


  1. i can't believe you didn't get nominated!!!!!!!!!!!.You have a great relaxed,friendly evening show,that is always interesting,funny (sometimes mad).
    whos the judge??????
    maybe they should let us,the listeners decide who we think deserves an award.
    after all,there are mad people out there who listens to classic hits from 6am unitl late into the evening (now you know thats not us don't you
    I also see no-one inb chch got a mention.
    Ok.thats my opinon. i have said what i think

  2. I'm quite amazed myself you did not get nominated. The amount of show prep you do!

    Dam hard ah Smarty! So, the big question on everybody's mind is."What are the judge's looking for""?

    I'd love to hear Luke Valentines......that's twice he's been nominated.

    Love to hear your audio nomination when you manage to get it on there.

    I'd have the same problem.

    One day, I hope to get nominated myself.

    It's not neccarily the voice, or the show prep BUT it's something them their judge's are looking for!

  3. Dave
    You are the no1 night club host. If you had the listeners vote you win
    hands down you don't need Mr nobody giving you awards because to your
    listeners you priceless. Next year give us the judges names and we will
    send millions of letters in support of your nomination.
    your are awarded best dj by all the classic listeners.
    Taylor Family

  4. I like the idea of listeners being able to vote - albeit some may be biased to their favourite station and presenters.

    Then of course, some presenters would corrupt the system by paying off voters... are politicians doing this in Parliament? Now there's something Rodney Hide can dig up...

    At least the Radio Survey is random.

  5. I am also suprised that Bunting didnt get nominated...

  6. So am I Rachel, he won it in 2004 so he's definitely got the beans, it's just Muzz's turn this time! Plus, the judges probably couldn't choose more than one nominee from Classic Hits - that would seem biased to all the other stations.