Being sick is arse

I’m currently sucking on a VocalZone. A little black lolly that both looks and tastes like a bit of sheep shit. Tom Jones uses these, as does the guy from Motley Crue.

I've never done anything to protect my voice. I've never considered that it was anything special but there are people that do. Their voice is their living and while mine is too I'm hardly going to be the huge balled guy saying that Lost is coming up next on TV2.

It's all in the breathing apparently. My cousin is an Army Sergeant and she's never lost her voice even though she yells at people on parade grounds regularly. My wife has a lovely set of pipes and you can expect to hear her voicing ads all over the TV at some stage.

So on Sunday I started losing my voice, then the lethargy sets in and the next thing you know I’m demanding lemon drinks from the couch. Tuesday and Wednesday off work, back today and the boss says as he’s walking out the door, “What kind of crap radio announcer loses his voice anyway?” I biffed a magazine at him.

It’s just a cold though. Although, have you noticed how people are awful quick to claim the flu when they get a bit of snot action?

Must.Have.Worse.Symptoms.Than.Next.Person. It's a cold for God's sake!

Hack cough hack spit. Softy.


  1. vocal zone does taste like poos and wees, but it works!

  2. oh yeah, and i hope you feel better soon :o)

  3. Bah! You beat me to the post :)

    I have a file on my computer I keep, with topics to write about on my blog. Vocalzone is one of them. I strike out.

    By the sounds of your symptoms, I think you have birdflu.

  4. Hi Dave

    I'll tell you what really works!

    LEMSIP Max. Take about 3 or 4 packets of it as soon as you feel a cold starting and whala!!!!

    Highly reccomend it.

    Love your show!!!!!!

    I don't know where you find the time to write this. But if it helps the show rate a bit better, go for it!

    I've just had a cold for a fortnight and I've felt like absolute shit, but I've gone to work everyday. Maybe you need to harden up

    Maybe Dallas if he's still your boss was having a bad day, as we all do!

    Keep up the good work.