Gary goes down

If anyone needs counseling over Linda Clark leaving National Radio you’re welcome to get in touch. I can understand that this leaves a huge hole in the lives of middle New Zealand. My Mother in Law reckons she might even listen to my show now that nothing is left for her on our National Broadcaster. I won’t hold my breath.

At work today we were gripped by the Gary Glitter verdict. Couldn’t understand what the hell they were saying – neither could he, he had the same problems as Schappelle Corby – 200 people yapping in a language he didn’t understand while we listened to the appalling interpreter on Sky News. He didn’t cry like Schappelle though. No-one could cry like Schappelle.

How the mighty fall said one of our staff members - come on, it’s Gary Glitter! It’s not someone really famous like James Blunt.

Anyway, Gazza got 3 years – a long way from the firing squad. Although Justice Rodney Hansen here in NZ would have probably given him a lollipop and a smack on the hand.


The above comment about the good judge is completely untrue.

Arse covered? Good.

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