How did we do this before the internet?

Got an email from a fellow blogger the other day. Richard Phelps - nice fella, used to work with my wife and is an audio engineer, you’ll see his name down there in the plugs for other blogs along with an Emmy Award winning writer, a tutor and a yoga teacher.

Drop me an
email if you want me to link to your Blog / website by the way. The more names I have down the right hand side surely makes this bag of words appear more interesting.

Anyway, Richard knows a thing or two about computers and he was encouraging me to get Google Talk. (This is not an ad by the way...)

“Google talk, a downloadable Windows application that lets you send instant messages to your friends and make free phone calls over an internet connection.”

So I guess it’s like MSN and Skype.

- For MSN you need a address.
- I need a address for one of those yahoogroup things I'm on.
- Here at work I’ve got a address and at home I have an xtramail address.

Then there's blogger, Trade Me, Internet banking, this NexGen on air computer we use and God knows what else.

Remember when we had 4 and 5 digit telephone numbers and that was it?

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  1. And when did we get 0800 numbers? 1991?