I don't blame the other driver

We nearly had a car crash today.

In the woman's defense, she who cut in front of us, she thought I was turning left which gave her the right of way but I was actually indicating to change lanes right by her left turn so I can understand her confusion. Everyone’s fine – we didn’t hit the woman (Our Pajero vs her Honda City would make World’s Worst Car Crashes 11 no worries.) but Anna’s still sore in the tummy from the seatbelt.

“Take note of baby's movement and have an easy weekend.” says Dr Obstetrician. Tell you what, nearly having an crash with your pregnant wife in the car sure scares the crap out of a fella. My wife is my life. As she should be.

She also likes Hollywood gossip so here goes, David Faustino, who played Bud on "Married with Children" turns 32 today.

Today would also have been Alexander Graham Bells birthday – he was born back in 1847, and James Doohan’s (aka Scotty on "Star Trek") 86th birthday.

But they’re both dead.

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  1. Hi Dave

    we hope Anna is feeling better.give her our wishes