I was naughty

I feel really bad. I filled out my census form at the kitchen table this morning instead of next Tuesday evening. What’s worse is that next Tuesday evening I'll be at work so essentially, I haven't followed the instructions properly. I did write the at work address, at home on the kitchen table so it's correct for where I'll be - I'm not lying. I'm just scared that I'll get in trouble for filling out the form early.

Will they not count my results?
Will I still be able to get into the new super scheme?
Will I be allowed to vote next election?
Am I going to hell?

DID YOU KNOW: Until 154 BC, today - March 1st - was New Year's Day, according to the Roman calendar. So if you saw some hung-over Romans running around today, well, that explains it.

That’s a gag we get from our Prep Service. It’s not bad. We log into an American website every day which gives us celebrity news, wacky stories out of Belgium, Today in History and other stuff.

27 pages of show ideas and that’s the only bit I’m using in my show tonight.

See, talking on the radio is not always about having the quick cheesy joke then playing the ads, sometimes we do this, in fact, a lot of the time we do this. The stuff that works though is the relatable stuff.

Stuff that gets an emotional response from you the listener.

Take a comedian. When they’re doing their routine, we're slapping our knees and laughing because we totally relate to what they've said.

So mostly, I’m trying to relate to you. Sometimes I try to be funny although I ain’t no comedian. So I attempt to be entertaining, if I can’t do that it’s time to shut the hell up and play the song.


  1. lol.

    i juat read your comments for last night.Is that why you played so much music last night???

  2. so if this is where everyone has to be honest........whats the mystery sound???lol

  3. Pul and deniseMarch 02, 2006

    Hi Dave

    its always a pleasure to listen to classic hits but what i do not agree with is when your fellow radio hosts start using fowl language on the breakfast show.You might wonder what i am talking about.Well at 7.50am today dave and p were talking this benson pope buisness and P turned round and said "it's all BOLLOCKS"
    that is not suitable for your radio station and i do hope that it will be a one off.

  4. bollocks? your worried about bollocks? at least it wasnt fuck, or shit, or wanker, or ass hole, or heaven forbid the big C word...
    at least i could understand if you were griping about any of those.

    come on people... in the big view of things bollocks isnt really that bad is it? i hear fouler things comming out of policians mouths every day!

    keep up the good work Dave. love your show.