Spam with eggs, spam and spam

By crikey we're getting a lot of spam at the moment. And it's dumb spam. It's not virus carrying spam, it's not click here and give us your bank account details spam, it's not even that rich bloke from Nigeria. It's garbled. Here's an excerpt from a spam I got from some fella named Bod Sanchez:

showcase the defile to in on government, it as channel surgically in neat obsolescence, biblical!!! perishable, as agonized sailing, fogbound

Dammit, at least spam me with something decent! In English! At least try and trick me into something. Be malicious or.. or.. or.. something!

I get lots of spam calls in the studio too. People that ring up and don't say anything, or ring up hang up calls. There is absolutely no point to it.

There are some people that do it to get the phone number in the redial so they can win competitions faster but sitting there with your finger on mute listening to me say, "Hello? Hello?! HELLO! Are you there? Hellooooooooo!!" just makes no sense to me.

Like with the spam, say something! Like, "You're a homo." "Classic Hits sucks, The Rock is better." Try putting on a silly accent, make me laugh if you're going to be annoying, at least I can put you on air and take the piss out of you.


  1. Dave

    how can i put on a silly accent??
    It's hard to do a silly accent when you are a

  2. It's alright mate, the pommy accent IS a silly accent! ;]