Today Miss, I learnt that..

It's very hard to write a blog and not be negative. Yeah, write down all the stuff that annoys me and feel better about it! That's not what I'm about. I started this to give you a positive insight into me and my show.

However! To the people who are stressed about losing money over U2 tickets....

Shut the hell up!

Air New Zealand and Qantas are both waiving fees for rebooking, Origin will probably do the same. If you're scared you'll lose money on tickets bought on Trade Me then tough! Place bad feedback or something.

If the reports about The Edge's daughter having Leukemia are true, everyone can go jump. Performing in a band is his job and if his daughter is sick then screw work boss! That's what a Dad does. My wife is only 27 weeks pregnant with our first and even I know that.

If Anna goes into labour at any time or has any issues that have us worried enough to take her to hospital while I'm on air, I'm putting the computer on auto mode and I'm outta here - I'll ring the boss on the way and he can send in a part timer if he wants.

Family comes first. The Hoff comes second. Work comes somewhere after that.


  1. well said Dave!!!!

    whats more important here??....u2 coming to n/z to please a bunch of strangers or a band member being with his very sick child??
    people need to wake up and think what would they do if that was there child.Would they go to work,knowing there child is sick in hospital??...i don't think so.i would be telling the boss to "F#@K OFF"
    sorry matey,some people have got no feelings towards others and that really makes me MAD!!!!
    thanks for letting me get that off my chest.i feel better now