What would you do with $700 million?

We spend more time on Trade Me than reading people’s blogs. Fair call? Oh, if you’re overseas, Trade Me is our version of Ebay.

Sam Morgan the kiwi legend has just sold Trade Me for 700 million dollars. (No wonder he's smiling, that's the face of a very rich man!) Let’s put that amount into perspective. When we were sold in 1996, we were something like 60 odd radio stations nationwide and they got only $89 million dollars for us.

So, $700 million is a crapload of money! We should be just as proud of him for building up such an amazing business than we are of any Oscar success. Watch out for him in next year’s rich list. Oh, at the time of writing this, the dust for sale on Trade Me is up to $23 dollars.

Meanwhile, the discussion on who was the greatest ever New Zealander came up at the cricket on Saturday and everyone agreed hands down that it was Sir Edmund Hillary. Blow me down if he wasn’t in the box next to us, so fuelled by Heineken, 4 staff members from this radio station got out their $5 dollar notes and got him to sign them for us. He was very obliging.

Sir Richard Hadlee was also there. He thought we were complete pratts.

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