Am I the only one who wants gas prices to go up even more?

Motorists were today asked not to take out their frustrations about rising petrol costs on service station forecourt attendants. AA spokesman Mike Noon said he had heard various reports about forecourt attendants being verbally abused.

First up, let's not call them forecourt attendants. The only way you’ll get them out from behind the eftpos these days is by getting your gas bottle filled. Although, that's another post altogether.

I want you to try something.

It’s very easy to stand by looking at the two for one specials or the floor when the Holden Executive driving fat bastard in front of you is laying into Pradeep the pump man right? So I’m asking you to stick up for him. Try the line, "Steady on mate." or, "It’s not his fault." "Back down buddy, don’t be a dick." Or even, "Oi, shut the hell up, leave him alone, pay and be on your way."

It's easy to be frustrated, so take it out on the angry person. You'll be surprised at how good you feel about it.

On that, I got this email from a Christchurch listener:

Are you going to give the fuel companies any stick in your show tonight?

No I’m not. As tough as it is on the personal pocket at the mo, maybe this is good for us.

More than anything, I want to take the bus to and from work so I can sell one of our cars, save my family $1500 dollars a year and put 5 grand in the bank. Unfortunately buses don’t go late enough for me yet – but they will, til then it's the rainforest killing 4X4 for me.

High prices that force us out of our cars, and onto public transport or our pushbikes will hopefully slow down the way we’re screwing up our planet. It'll encourage us to find an alternative fuel and a more sustainable way to get round.

It's forcing us to evolve as a species. I’m no filthy hemp wearing greenie by any means but the sooner we do, the better!

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2006

    Yes. You're the only one. :)