Bit of a change round this week

I’m not doing my show. I’m doing Bunty’s afternoon show while he’s away on leave. It’s an interesting bunch of feelings filling in for someone else.

It’s an exciting chance to stretch my legs in someone else’s show. To move out of the comfort zone of my own show that I can do with my eyes shut and do something a little different.

In saying that though, I’m a caretaker only. I can’t come in and launch a whole new bunch of features because it’s not my show and it confuses the listeners when the regular host gets back.

It’s hard letting go of my show! I have a way I like things done and naturally, the guy filling in does things slightly differently. I’m lucky cos the guy who is filling in for me is one of the most experienced guys in the building. Does Bunty think of me as a good fill in for him? He used to be my boss 12 years ago – I’m not the boy anymore but I think in any temporary promotion you really want to nail it well.

Will I screw up the no repeat workday and cost us $1000?

What other jocks on other radio stations am I up against? I know who my opposition are at night time and I’m comfortable with my place among them. I know their strengths and weaknesses but in afternoons, it’s a whole new game.

Ha! Reading that back I sound like a big girly blouse! Harden up Smart. it's going to be a fun week!

Mostly, I’m very excited about having some evenings with my wife. We can have dinner together, watch House MD and go to bed at the same time!


  1. I heard you saying that you are having a week of next week.
    So has Anna done the "to do" list for you yet??lol

    So, two weeks of evenings with no "Dave Smart and the classic hits nite club"!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brenda KeesingApril 11, 2006

    Well Dave, I think you are doing a great job however do miss Bunty and his 5.30 Mental Berrocca
    Hope you and Anna are enjoying each others company, Miss you on the night club too...tho I think we will just have to get by

    Enjoy the change!!!



  3. dave,no nite club.its not the next time you want a holiday dave,your request will be turned down.
    the listeners.