Jesus would have loved Mitre 10

I like Easter Sunday being a holiday and ALL shops being shut. That seems like a pleasant thought to me. All of us spending time with our families. No-one having to do a rostered weekend. but..... there's nothing to do!

Yeah yeah yeah, it's only 3 days a year I know, but after Good Friday and Saturday with the inlaws, all I wanted to do on Sunday was
go to Mitre 10 Mega!

Over the past week I've painted the baby's room, replaced the shower door, bought a heated towel rail, a lamp shade, and chosen colours for the toilet.

My name is Dave and I'm a Mitre 10 Megaholic.

I understand the significance of
Jesus handing in his knife and fork and popping up a couple of days later. Cripes, I even went to Church on Sunday. They told us of the Apostle Thomas, (famous for missing the resurrection altogether - he was probably at Mitre 10 himself looking for Selley's No More Nails...) my point is I'm no heathen. Yet driving round on Sunday looking for something to do was frustrating when all I wanted was a good coffee and to size up the garden sheds. Something you just can't do at the BP - even if they have a Wild Bean Cafe.

Jesus was a carpenter. He'd understand.

Look, full respect to the Lord and all, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow being back to normal, and even though I'm on holiday til Thursday, I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting back to work.

I miss you guys.

Oh, and I need the bank to open. I've got some Trade Me payments going through.


  1. well said Dave.
    it about time the law caught up with the times.we are now in 2006 and not all of us really care about what happened to jesus.
    If some buisness are allowed to open in Wanaka because of the air show,why can't everyone else open?
    Sounds like one law for one and one for another.
    Also,while we were driving around over easter,we noticed that places like mini golf courses,laser strike and hoyts are open but why?Isn't that a buisness?

  2. I'd heard that Garden Centres were the only ones allowed to be open, and small amenitiy stores. Who chose Garden Centres?