liar liar bus on fire

Stagecoach suffered its Auckland fleet's fifth bus fire in eight months today. Everyone is ok so we can take the piss.. "The driver and TWO passengers were unharmed." See, people DO use public transport in Auckland!

What with fires, angry bus drivers and funny farty sounds when buses take off at the lights, I'm surprised more people aren't queueing up at the depot.

That Canterbury pilot who faked insurance claims on an aircraft he said he "ditched" in the sea was today sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment.

I can just imagine his first conversation with his new cellmate..

CRIM: "Bro, what you in for?"

NEW GUY: "Um, I went for a swim in my clothes and said I crashed a plane into the sea but I didn’t."

Dick! Prison must be full of stupid people, no wonder no-one wants prisons near their houses. Crims bring down the median intelligence level in the area and that doesn't do anything for your resale value. No-one wants a neighbour who never brings their wheely bin in so why on earth would anyone want to live next to a failed insurance fraudster?

Gene Pitney, dead at 65. He handed in his knife and fork while on tour in Cardiff. Lucky really that he wasn't coming here. Everyone would have chucked their toys about the concert being cancelled. Never mind the fact that he’d died, people would be wondering if they would get their scalped ticket money back.

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  1. hey Dave

    that bus has got one hot arse!!lol