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New Zealand workers may one day be embedded with microchips if employers here follow some overseas employers, a University of Otago law professor has claimed.

What a ridiculous thing to say!

We’re a country of farmers who refuse to even get their dogs done! We’ve still got people who won’t fill out a census form! No-one has ever successfully and efficiently got an entire church full of wedding guests to pose for a photograph in under 10 minutes!

We’re far too paranoid a mob to ever let microchipping happen.
The legal action between fashion designers Trelise and Tamsin Cooper has been postponed. Trelise Cooper had been trying to block Tamsin Cooper registering "Tamsin Cooper" as a trademark, saying the brands were too similar and appealed to similar markets.

Here in this radio show, we’re supporting Tamsin, we think Trelise is being a bitter old hag.
I had a run in with the odd name change as a kid, it’s now back to my family name after a series of asshole stepfathers. Let me tell you from experience, if anyone ever tells you that you can’t use your own name, tell THEM to pull their head in.

Good luck to you Tamsin. Hope it goes your way.

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