Survey is over again

Radio Surveys are pretty easy to spot, all the stations start promoting the bejesus out of themselves with giveaways, billboards, TV ads and wacky promotions.

Right now the Research company is furiously collating the figures and
next Thursday April 13, we'll get the results for stations in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Next time, around September they do all markets in NZ.

Between now and results day, there is much pacing and nervousness. Particularly on the day. Im usually so worked up my wife sends me out of the house. Our careers hang on these numbers. Too many bad results and it could be theWere not renewing your contract. speech or sweeping programming changes. Good results mean good revenues, more budget to do more cool things and payrises.

No-one likes going down in the polls, but
someone has to. Different markets have different numbers too, while we're number one music currently in Auckland and Waikato, we're not number one in Wellington or Christchurch. The changes are often very small too, however 0.1% can be the difference between number 1 and number 2. If its Kiwi FM, 0.1% is like their whole audience!

Sorry guys. Had to get that dig in.

So next Thursday at midday we get the results. We then either console ourselves by saying it was arogue book or we smile quietly and call ita hold business as usual or we shout, whoop and holler.

Ill post the results here, or if Im really hungover from the post survey party, Ill just post a link to the results on someone elses page, have a Panadol and go back to bed. Either way, wish us luck.


  1. good luck classic hits but i don't think u need me to wish you luck.yu will walk it.classic hits (and the night club) are simply the best

  2. Dave, all the best! Everything should be fine. You have a great show so all the best.