THAT text message going round

How much time must pass before something truly horrific can have the piss taken out of it?

The Auckland CBD / Suitcase / Asian Apartment joke has been travelling furiously by text for a week or so now and I can still only quickly peep at it before clearing the screen in case someone who may take offence does.

It's funny but I still feel bad for laughing.. F
unny in a Diana way. A Pope way. The way way we laugh at death as a way of dealing with it.

I've always been inappropriate. My favourite death joke is when someone says something about their mum and I say something about mine not doing whatever their mum does and they say why not and I say "Cos she's dead."

It's ok, she's been gone 20 years. I'm used to it.
People who analyse other people will say I do that because I've got unresolved issues or low self esteem. Whatever. Go pay off your student loan before commenting on my mental state.

One of the reasons I started this blog because there isn't a censor. Not that I want to set the world on fire with witty rhetoric, or flame people I can't stand - I didn't do that well at school, I'm not very politically minded and I'm not a jerk.

I see other people writing great stuff and I think, "I don't necessarily agree but man, I wish I had the balls to write that!" Or people who are really, really funny. Then I see people writing EXACTLY what I had a mind to write myself and I think, "Damn, he beat me to it."

Then I start to wonder how I stack up against others in this whole blog thing. A well respected newsreader who wears pink ties told me to promote it on air, I told him that I didn't want to be a wanker.

In the big wide blogosphere of David Farrar or Cactus Kate, or anyone on their mates list, I'm just a minnow. When I move onto greater things, you can say that you read my blog when I was just learning. If I do something good, let me know, and equally, if I say something stoopid, call me on it will ya?

Oh, All the best this ANZAC Day. Lest we forget.


  1. so whats in the text???
    put it up here so we can all see it.

  2. It says, oh, sorry Dave if this gets you in trouble. "You know there's a problem with the inner city apartment situation in Auckland when the Asians start moving into suitcases.