On yer bike Mike...

Ok so Michael Ryan screwed up and has been told to get on his bike well and truly..

Can we move on now please? Let go of the bone, dog. The man’s been given the arse, his family have been dragged though it, his friends, while probably standing by him are telling their other friends that they know him just to make themselves look cool.

Poor bastard.

This information was due to come out in the budget right?

My bet is that this anger is actually coming from public servants who are much higher up. These public servants were promised a warning so they could sell their shares, unfortunately, the leak came out before they could sell, share price dropped and they’re all pissed off.

I think, if that had have happened, it would have been called insider trading.


Let's leave Michael alone, people who ride bikes have been given enough shit recently or do we need to bring up the Commonwealth 'let's go for a nudey run and wee on our team mates' Games again too?

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2006

    ok,so this guy fucked up big time........haven't we all at some stage?????????
    he stuffed up,lost his job.It's happened,he has been punished.........people of new zealand,get over it and think about how many times you have stuffed up!!