Our first child is due next month

That’s a gift that is - almost as good as the garden shed!

It’s a funny feeling, next month is... Next month! I will be a Dad. A Daddy. A father. There's some words to try on for size.

I don’t have a lot of family, I never knew my father, my mother died when I was 10 – there was a step father but he was a dick. I was extraordinarily lucky to be brought up after the age of 10 by my grandparents. While my Nan is gone, my Grandad – the greatest man alive is still about. He’s been my closest family up until I got married and when the baby comes, he’ll be a Great-Grandad x 8!

In that, I’m quite protective of my family name and when I got this email, it surprised me a bit.

Hi Dave, what’s your real name? Like, Smart is surely a made up radio name.

David Connor Smart is absolutely my real name. Named by my mother Marian Smart.
I’m no relation to Ben Smart. Marlborough Sounds Ben with Olivia Hope…
I’m no relation to Fran Smart who does a music video show on Alt TV in her undies.
I’m no relation to this Smarty chick – she’s much more attractive than I.
I am related to Anna Smart – the Viva FM radio host – that’s my wife and much more attractive than everyone.
I am related to Palagi Pete – the Flava FM breakfast news reader – that’s my brother in law who my wife and I are currently in a dispute with over a tub of Movenpick icecream.

So while the word or name 'Smart' might be a marketing buzzword of huge proportions at the mo, it is still a reasonably popular family name.

Oh, and I'm related to Roger Tibbs – “New Zealand’s yodeling man”.

Apparently. Although I’ve never met the man. He’s my claim to fame.

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  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2006

    Hi Dave

    have you been practising your nursery rhymes?
    Both,Anna and yourself will make great parents.
    We are all looking forward to hearing the big announcement on the radio.
    As for that email you recieved regarding "your real name",i would be deeply offened it i recieved something like that.
    That would be like someone sending me an email saying i'm not a real pom.
    Your family and family name is the two most importants things in life and good you for standing up for them!!