Prepay, drive off, or suggest this to your nearest servo..

Garage owners are increasingly switching their pumps to pre-pay as soaring fuel prices spark a spate of drive-offs.

One owner -
Lester Gray at Caltex in Tauriko, just outside of Tauranga - said he made the move after losing more than $1000 from drivers leaving without paying in just a month.

He said if he had not done so his business would eventually be crippled.

[Source - NZ Herald]

Bollocks! To stop drive offs, you have to do just one thing:

Get out from behind the counter and onto the forecourt!

Get the babelfish to translate that if your local servo bloke is ESOL.

I’m not going to drive away if my petrol cap is in your pocket and you have my bonnet up while you're washing my window.

Lazy petrol station staff and petrol station Managers who are too tight to pay more that one staff member per shift are the problem here – and I reckon stations that actually serve their customers on the forecourt have less drive offs than the stations that just have an eftpos operator.

Bet ya.

Get the Mystery Motorist back on the job. Put some service back into the industry and watch the amount of people driving off ease back.


  1. My partner works for BP, and this non-service service station appears to all be part of the company's scheme to increase productivity or something. Anyway, it's not always just lazy staff. I know at BP, staff are now being taught to wait until the customer indicates they want assistance before offering it.

    I agree there really should be SERVICE at a service station, but please be aware it's not necessarily the individual being lazy, its sometimes their company training as well. If you need help and communicate this need to the forecourt / counter attendant, i believe help should be forthcoming.

  2. That's very interesting. No service unless you ask for it. Personally, I like doing my own thing at a petrol station and I don't require any help. Then, I'm not the drive off sort of guy.

    The orignal point: If petrol station staff spent more time on the forecourt, there would be less drive offs.

    Thanks heaps for your comment Missing. Cheers for the inside word.

  3. AnonymousMay 27, 2006


    your saying if we indicate to the staff that we need help,they will come out and help....most stations only have one member of staff on site...and if they are busy they will ignore people on the forecourt.
    thats what Dave is saying....this results in more drive offs.then,if the person comes out and helps someone on the forecourt,the shop might be the end of the day,fuel companys are offering a poor service for an expensive product

  4. Funny how oil companies operate these 'service stations', whereas they couldnt care less about the customer. Sheesh.

    I have asked every single one to look at supplying litre amounts at the pump, instead of dollar amounts. It would earn them more money, but they were not interested!!!

    Okay, how about selling lighbulbs for vehicles, then? What about car batteries, for y'know, cars?
    Sorry, I have to go to Repco for those.

  5. AnonymousJune 01, 2006

    I remember the days of people wandering up and offering to check your windscreen wiper fluid, oil, radiator level, etc as well as just fill up your car for you!

    These days I have to check everything myself, wash my windows, fill up the car and go in to pay with just about no human interaction at all.

    Don't get me wrong - I don't need help at the pump, but now and again it would be nice to have a smiling face or something more than a "That'll be $140 please" when you wander up to the cashier!

    I'm a Shell man myself, and the best service I've found so far in my travels is the Shell station on pakuranga highway just opposite Lloyd Ellsmore Park, which are always happy people and even wish you a good day when you pay for the ever-increasing fuel prices!