Raspberry and Coke

There are a few things you expect from your local dairy owner:

1: You expect to pay $4.50 dollars for 2 litres of milk..
2: You expect to pay $12 dollars for a last minute cheesecake on the way to a dinner party..
3: You expect the licorice on the counter to look a little dodgy..
4: You expect to see a small pyjama clad child who needs to blow his nose standing just behind the counter with a really manky looking dog and a Barney toy..
(Feel free to add to this list in the comments section..)

However, you don't usually expect bad news.

That's all changed now my friend because Monise from the dairy and lotto shop on our corner has said that the Raspberry and Coke ride is all over.

So I went to the Internet because it always speaks the truth. This from raspberrycoke.co.nz

"Sadly, you can no longer buy Raspberry Coke in New Zealand. The shops have stopped selling it.

Imagine if the petrol companies said , "no, we're discontinuing Diesel. It's plain old Regular, Super or nothing for you matey."

That's what this is like!

I'll pay more Mr Coke Sir.. I'll give you $3.50 a bottle. If I'm on a skifield this winter I'll even pay $8. That's normal price? Right. $10 dollars per bottle on the skifield. Or, tax me. Like Road User Charges for Diesel owners. Raspberry User Charges. We can use the same form.. It won't cost you more, I'll nick some from the AA.

As a boy I insisted on Raspberry and Coke at Cobb & Co while all my little friends got traffic lights. Even when I got to the drinking age I put a shot of Raspberry in my Stinger while all my friends did the Midori shot or the Purple Goanna.

Don't spend all your time promoting that silly fridge and all those bands, or telling me how summer is for the beautiful people, bring back the Raspberry and Coke, it was really good.


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2006

    good news for you dave

    theres an pommie shop in chch,which sells the imported version but it is alot more expensive.
    how many bottles do you want??lol

  2. After talking the Coke today, (who refused to go on the radio) they've assured me that they still make it, apparently it's the shops that have stopped selling it. We'll keep investigating. 20/20 ain't got nothing on this..

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2006

    heres a couple of things to expect from your local dairy...
    1) to be over charged
    2)to be short changed
    3)won't get a word of english out of the person behind the counter
    4)a dirty look if you walk out without buying anything
    5) a simple "no" if you ask for cash out on eftpos without making a purchase.