Smart Spending with Telecom

There are two types of people who use computers. People who hate Microsoft, and people who don’t really care either way. It seems the same is true with phone companies. There are the Telecom haters, and people who don’t really care either way.

I was a not carer until I realised that if you work Telecom to your advantage, nothing comes close to beating it.

- We’ve just gone onto the Freedom plan, $10 dollars gives you unlimited calling between home and mobile and back again. That’s pretty good. ihug? How you doing on that? Paradise? Vodafone?

- We’re also on Go One Bill Mates Rates. My previously 3 figure mobile bill is down to $30 and my wife’s is half that. We can call any Telecom phone, mobile or otherwise for 55 cents per minute.

- Telecom gives you cheaper Sky TV too. Ring them up and ask for it. You’ll save about $10 per month.

- Oh, here’s another hint. Get rid of Call Minder and buy an answerphone – save another $9.00 per month. You’ll make that back in no time.

- We’ve also just got Telecom Broadband. It’s not going yet but I bet it’ll be better than dialup.

I know this sounds like a big ad for Telecom, that's why I haven't given you any links to peruse. If you want these deals, go research them yourself and be aware, there are disadvantages, as with anything.

- We've had to cull all our friends on Vodafone or only ever text them.

- My 9 months pregnant wife is currently under the desk at home trying to install the Broadband modem and she’s getting pissed off with all that bending while I’m swanning round at work.

Truth be told, ALL ISP’s have been charging too much. So, after the loop gets unbundled (which is a pretty bloody stupid phrase by the way…) and ALL internet providers come down in price, services will be fairly standard. They’ll have to because the market will be driving it.

This is great news for us and being on Telecom means that there will always be consumer watchdogs, the Government and the bitter old journos in the glass ceilinged offices of the Herald to keep them in line – as long as you don’t buy their shares. When you’re with another ISP, you’ve got Fair Go and that's pretty much it.

Oh, Annette Presley, love her or hate her, but going after Theresa Gattung's job and getting hundreds of thousands of dollars of promotion for herself in the process was inspired.


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2006

    Sadly the only people who seem to use Telecom cell numbers are plumbers and builders (if you can find one) so unless thats all you have in your circle of friends culling Vodafone numbers is not really practical

  2. Depends who you are and what you need, I'm over 30, can't get Voda coverage at my house, plus I live in an old bungalow and often have need for a plumber.

    Telecom prvides me with the service I need. Vodafone doesn't.

    If you must generalise though, only oonst oonst toothpaste shirt wearing nightclubbers and girls who say 'like,' before every sentence are on Voda..

    Not true? of course it isn't. Which is why we don't generalise.