No pics yet but I'm sure they're out there..

Heidi Wardrop, the Nelson College for Girls student who streaked at a rugby game between Nelson College and Shirley Boys is back at school.

While Alison McAlpine, the NCG principal who has been there for at least 100 years is horrified, many young men from Nelson College consider her a complete legend and are secretly hoping that the rule stating only Boys College Prefects may attend the Nelson Girls swimming sports gets changed so they can return the favour this summer.

Nelson College headmaster Salvi Gargiulo said the incident proved that "girls are naughty too".

No girl had ever streaked on the front field before during his time at the college, he said. "I suppose these things happen when you are about to finish."

Garg is in his last year as Headmaster and will be missed by all students, he was Dep Head during my years at Nelson College and well respected by all the chaps.

The Pizza Mutt

If you call Pizza Hut to get a pizza delivered, chances are, the Pizza Mutt won't actually deliver your Pizza.

I know it says in the ad that the mutt will bring it in though the cat door but this simply isn't true.

Nothing wrong with the service from the 'Delivery Expert' who brings it - friendly, warm, quick, efficient... Just don't get your heart set on the mutt turning up cos he won't.

Also, how long do you think it'll be before someone with nothing else to do complains about the Pizza Mutt not seeming to be on a lead?

50 posts!

Crikey. I thought I'd crap out at about number 7. If you've just joined the blog, welcome! It's not all about the baby, usually it's about the news, or people, or things that'd I'd like to say on the radio but can't for fear of my boss kicking my arse.

Our new boss is here by the way, I met him for about 5 minutes - he seems like a top chap. He said he'd catch up with me during the week, I told him not bloody likely and promptly buggered off on 2 weeks 'Man'ternity leave.

Back in Feb, when it was announced that one boss was leaving and the job was being advertised, it was an unsettling time, now he's here and
I'll be back on air on the evening of June 27. Quite looking forward to it actually. You know you're having a good break from work when you start getting fresh ideas for the show.

We will be popping in for a bit of the Plunket Radiothon tomorrow though. Daughter of two radio announcers has to have a go on air, and if it's for Plunket it's completely appropriate.

My students graduate tomorrow too. Ok, so I only joined the NZRTS course as a part-time tutor a couple of months ago, but I'm quite proud of how they've improved as the course has got to the business end. Looking forward to the next course starting in July so I can see them through from start to finish. I hope they consider that I've done a good job for them!

On the baby front, I'd like to apologise to the neighbours for the racket that ensued when we tried to give Sophie a bath before she had a feed. Noise Control said we can have the baby back after we pay the fine.

OK, two more..

We bathed her today, that was cool. I changed lots of nappies too. Don't know about you but it doesn't smell that bad. Maybe it gets worse, maybe it just doesn't stink on your own kid.

Thank you for your comments and wishes, you can tell that I'm proud as punch and eager to show off, thanks for giving me that pleasure!

Say, "I love my Daddy." Come on, you can do it! "I.. Love.. Daddy. Dad-dee.. Dad.. oh forget it." Say, Daddy has lots of freckles.. Good girl!"

The most amazing women in the world.

Anna Elizabeth Guille Smart and Sophie Maria Guille Smart.

Guille (Pron: GILL) is a second middle name and all of Anna's family have it, even the blokes. Maria is a tribute to Marian Smart, my mother who died 20 years ago, and Mary Smart, her mother, my Grandmother, who along with my Grandad, brought me up.

I really believe that a name is more than just something to call you by or address your bills to. A name is something to belong to, saying where you've come from, as well as who you are.


Sophie Maria Guille Smart. Our daughter!

Sophie was born at 12.48pm on Wednesday, June 14 2006 weighing 8 pound 3. She's well healthy and Mum and Dad while shattered, cannot stop gazing at her. She's perfect as far as we're concerned!

A bit overcooked - she was due June 8!

Smart family.

My gorgeous wife and daughter.

Yes, I did cry when she was born. Thought I was going ok til I saw her head and promptly lost it.

Love Daddy.

Our baby is due today..

And it ain't here.

To be expected I know, but it's frustrating. For the last 10 months, my wife and I have been really excited about this date, and there's no baby. While chances are the baby won't arrive on the due date, this is the date we've been told!

The frustration is setting into everyday life too, If you've had kids, you might agree, you might not too, but I've found myself being really caustic to people. Instead of being nice, or making a polite joke, I've found myself being a little snappish and mean.


Colleague who saw me yesterday: 'Has your baby arrived yet?'
Smart: 'Yeah, 20 minutes ago, I've just come from the hospital.'
Colleague: 'Really?!'
Smart: 'Do you think I'd be here if that were the case?!'

It's not fair, and they're being nice and asking and and I do appreciate it. The fact that I've been asked that question every 4 minutes since May 15 is starting to grate a little though.

So if I've been rude, or offhand, or dismissive, I apologise now. I don't really want to punch you in the throat, I just love my wife and unborn child and I want us to hold each other as a family.

Technology amazes me

Remember when we thought, "One day we’ll have video phones at home.." and now with Skype and a webcam, you’ve got it for $80 bucks. Dubber spoke well of this.

We've always got PR companies pimping products to us at the radio station, today we got Aunt Betty's Yorkshire Puddings which are delicious, and an invite to a presentation on a new product called Control 4.

It's a box that you can put in your house that runs your TV and your DVD and your stereo off one remote. Yeah yeah yeah you say, anything does that.. This puppy also runs your garage door if you want it to, your computer, your sprinklers, your spa pool jets, blinds, Xbox etc etc.

It can have James Blunt playing in one room – why you’d want to I don't know - but it can, Classic Hits in the kitchen, a DVD in the kids room, Pete Murray in the den, Coro in the lounge, Def Leppard in the garage and any other combination of whatever you like in any room you like.

It’ll even turn your fire on and while it won't make you a cuppa, it can boil the jug. All from one remote. Ok, it's not cheap enough that you'd put it in your flat but it's not hellishly expensive either.

I know this sounds like a free ad and it is, cos it's cool. It’s all those things you see in futuristic movies or on the Jetsons and it’s here.

Plug over, but it’s worth a look.

What the..?

Disappointing use of grammar on a T shirt #47, seen on a Kmart manikin.

"..and he's not after me for my brains either."

And who says that our internet is third world country status. I've seen the ads and it costs $1.30 a day to sponsor a child. Clearly, Broadband is still cheaper than a World Vision kid!

May I have your kidney, please?

Some New Zealand transplant patients are given old or diseased organs because of the shortage of donors, an organ donation campaigner says.

Doctors say recipients are not put at risk, although some suggest that young, healthy donors would be preferable from the recipients' perspective.

Well, as healthy as you can get while still being dead.

Professor Stephen Munn, head of the New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit, says, "If you take an older kidney, especially from a diabetic smoking owner, then that kidney has been damaged and that damage can't be reversed and, yes, that could limit the life expectancy of that kidney in that recipient. But ... beggars can't be choosers and we use those."

Wasn't this on TV on Bones ther night?

So what we need is more healthy young people to drive drunk really fast and crash their lowered cars so we can save the folk among us who are bung.

That's almost ironical, that is.

Have you got what it takes?

Well done this week to the NZ Army, they've done the almost impossible and managed to roll a stationery vehicle.

It was parked, not moving. Yet, they still rolled it.

Having driven a Unimog, (albiet at very low speeds around cones) and spent a lot of time being ferried about in the back of one, today's feat seems to be a very difficult one to achieve and one to be applauded.

I was going to have a sweepstake on when our baby will be born but I'd rather have one on the next army vehicle accident!