50 posts!

Crikey. I thought I'd crap out at about number 7. If you've just joined the blog, welcome! It's not all about the baby, usually it's about the news, or people, or things that'd I'd like to say on the radio but can't for fear of my boss kicking my arse.

Our new boss is here by the way, I met him for about 5 minutes - he seems like a top chap. He said he'd catch up with me during the week, I told him not bloody likely and promptly buggered off on 2 weeks 'Man'ternity leave.

Back in Feb, when it was announced that one boss was leaving and the job was being advertised, it was an unsettling time, now he's here and
I'll be back on air on the evening of June 27. Quite looking forward to it actually. You know you're having a good break from work when you start getting fresh ideas for the show.

We will be popping in for a bit of the Plunket Radiothon tomorrow though. Daughter of two radio announcers has to have a go on air, and if it's for Plunket it's completely appropriate.

My students graduate tomorrow too. Ok, so I only joined the NZRTS course as a part-time tutor a couple of months ago, but I'm quite proud of how they've improved as the course has got to the business end. Looking forward to the next course starting in July so I can see them through from start to finish. I hope they consider that I've done a good job for them!

On the baby front, I'd like to apologise to the neighbours for the racket that ensued when we tried to give Sophie a bath before she had a feed. Noise Control said we can have the baby back after we pay the fine.


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2006

    wow she's changed already - very cute - hows the energy levels? (you two I mean)

    cheers and catch you soon luv Karen

  2. trevor and vickiJune 23, 2006

    ohh wot a cutie....must take after her mum....lol

    just kidding dave.

    good luck with thr radiothon.you guys do some great work.

  3. Toni & ScottJune 24, 2006

    shes just perfect!
    lots of love and hugs to you and anna!

  4. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl, Anna and Dave.

    She is just adorable!

  5. AnonymousJune 24, 2006

    Aunty Mad Woman would like to know when she is visiting!!!! Hmmm. LOL. She is just looking cuter every picture!
    Must take after Anna - tee hee.

    Love to you both :o)

  6. AnonymousJune 26, 2006

    Sophie is just beautiful.Hope Anna is geting some rest in between feeds.The first six weeks are the real test.Best wishes to you all
    luv Taylor Family.

  7. OMG she is just precious. go the ginge! takes after her aunty i see...

    love ya... k