May I have your kidney, please?

Some New Zealand transplant patients are given old or diseased organs because of the shortage of donors, an organ donation campaigner says.

Doctors say recipients are not put at risk, although some suggest that young, healthy donors would be preferable from the recipients' perspective.

Well, as healthy as you can get while still being dead.

Professor Stephen Munn, head of the New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit, says, "If you take an older kidney, especially from a diabetic smoking owner, then that kidney has been damaged and that damage can't be reversed and, yes, that could limit the life expectancy of that kidney in that recipient. But ... beggars can't be choosers and we use those."

Wasn't this on TV on Bones ther night?

So what we need is more healthy young people to drive drunk really fast and crash their lowered cars so we can save the folk among us who are bung.

That's almost ironical, that is.

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