Our baby is due today..

And it ain't here.

To be expected I know, but it's frustrating. For the last 10 months, my wife and I have been really excited about this date, and there's no baby. While chances are the baby won't arrive on the due date, this is the date we've been told!

The frustration is setting into everyday life too, If you've had kids, you might agree, you might not too, but I've found myself being really caustic to people. Instead of being nice, or making a polite joke, I've found myself being a little snappish and mean.


Colleague who saw me yesterday: 'Has your baby arrived yet?'
Smart: 'Yeah, 20 minutes ago, I've just come from the hospital.'
Colleague: 'Really?!'
Smart: 'Do you think I'd be here if that were the case?!'

It's not fair, and they're being nice and asking and and I do appreciate it. The fact that I've been asked that question every 4 minutes since May 15 is starting to grate a little though.

So if I've been rude, or offhand, or dismissive, I apologise now. I don't really want to punch you in the throat, I just love my wife and unborn child and I want us to hold each other as a family.


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2006

    we know how you feel.its gets annoyong doesnt it.everywhere you go people say "any baby yet" or a stranger sees your partner in the shops and comes up to her and say "when are you due?"
    So i won't ask if the baby has arrived,all i will say is good luck and all of n/z wish you both well.

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2006

    I love babies too...I do not have one yet. But I can understand how it feels...it been so long and now, you cant wait anymore to see it and feel it in your arms!!
    God will take care of everything...dont worry!!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2006

    I hope all is going well with your wife and child, I think many of your listeners are looking forward to hearing about the many antics your child will get up to!

    (When they get up to mischief dont pull your hair out, take a deep breath and take into consideration that things could be worse!)

  4. AnonymousJune 11, 2006

    Just heard you say on air that
    Anna has until Tuesday before being induced - That should be
    enough to get her going!

    I know you two are going to
    make awesome parents - Someone told me that kids change you
    for life but I can honestly say it's all for the better,
    well mostly :-) .... Look forward to hearing the breaking
    news on Classic Hits!


  5. AnonymousJune 14, 2006

    Hi Dave - my name is Sarah, I flatted with Anna for a while in Tauranga on Sherwood Street when she worked down there. Heard the news & wanted to say congrats!!! Good to hear mum & baby are well :-)

  6. trevorandvickiJune 14, 2006

    Hi Dave

    we heard the news today.

    pass on our wishes to Anna

  7. Uncle & AuntyJune 16, 2006

    Bruce and Jenny say Congratulations to you both she looks beautiful