Technology amazes me

Remember when we thought, "One day we’ll have video phones at home.." and now with Skype and a webcam, you’ve got it for $80 bucks. Dubber spoke well of this.

We've always got PR companies pimping products to us at the radio station, today we got Aunt Betty's Yorkshire Puddings which are delicious, and an invite to a presentation on a new product called Control 4.

It's a box that you can put in your house that runs your TV and your DVD and your stereo off one remote. Yeah yeah yeah you say, anything does that.. This puppy also runs your garage door if you want it to, your computer, your sprinklers, your spa pool jets, blinds, Xbox etc etc.

It can have James Blunt playing in one room – why you’d want to I don't know - but it can, Classic Hits in the kitchen, a DVD in the kids room, Pete Murray in the den, Coro in the lounge, Def Leppard in the garage and any other combination of whatever you like in any room you like.

It’ll even turn your fire on and while it won't make you a cuppa, it can boil the jug. All from one remote. Ok, it's not cheap enough that you'd put it in your flat but it's not hellishly expensive either.

I know this sounds like a free ad and it is, cos it's cool. It’s all those things you see in futuristic movies or on the Jetsons and it’s here.

Plug over, but it’s worth a look.

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  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2006

    yorkshire pudding!!!!!!!!!!! semd some to chch,theres a pom here that loves