What the..?

Disappointing use of grammar on a T shirt #47, seen on a Kmart manikin.

"..and he's not after me for my brains either."

And who says that our internet is third world country status. I've seen the ads and it costs $1.30 a day to sponsor a child. Clearly, Broadband is still cheaper than a World Vision kid!


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2006

    I have a friend who sponsors one of those kids - he was wondering about pulling out of the scheme after the price hiked and he started heading for a heafty debt.. but then found that it's actually quite hard to get out of it once you've been roped in!

    I know of someone else who decided to actually ask for an updated photo of the person that they were sponsoring, only to receive a letter back saying that that child had died the previous year and not to worry - their money had been transferred across to sponser another child!!!

    And anyway.. to get "decent jetstream" - it costs more than sponsoring a kid - I'm paying $1.33 a day and a 1GB cap is still nowhere near enough for us! Still a rather slow upload as well :-(

  2. This is a case of don't let the truth get in the way of taking the piss, or in the case of child sponsorship, don't let death get in the way of taking your money!

    We're actually finding the 1GB limit pretty good, I wouldn't recommend the 200MB plan, we broke that in a week but as everyone says, it all depends on your usage eh.