Back by popular request..

Ok, so I'm sitting in our home office prepping furiously for monday's show and a face appears at the window. Anna's in Sophie's room feeding so I'm all alone. This is the face that appeared.

Yep, Bung.. The neighbours cat is now sitting on the bbq on our porch looking in at me, so I grab Thomas, the huge orange thing that we own and throw him out the cat door to take the intruder down and they both just sit there and have the equivalent of a cats tea party.

I should be proud really, our previous boofhead of a cat who would quite happily beat the snot out of the neighbourhood dogs has made friends with the 'differently abled' cat next door.

You may remember the last time Bung featured in this blog.


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2006


    i hope you changed your pants

  2. i would like to make a formal request to see new and updated photos of miss sophie please!

    love and pixie dust.