More fun than googling your own name...

Google your image! Enter your name into the google search box, click IMAGE SEARCH and see what you come up with.. I found a pair of socks with my name on them. Turns out they're a tribute to a famous triathlete who lost his battle with skin cancer. Still, it's my name too!

I also image searched my wife and came up with... Her!

From her radio station promo shot. Pretty eh!

Give it a go yourself, search your name and see if you can find yourself, or see what other people with your name look like, then search your partner and the ex you haven't got over yet...


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2006


  2. Toni StewartJuly 26, 2006

    This is Toni Stewart, she was born in NZ too, she is in the on stage performance of The Lion King in Melbourne.

    This is Toni Stewart. She is a research nurse for Christchurch Polytech.


  3. sorry bout the no pic thing above . . . didnt think it would work

  4. ha! toni you are halerious!

    smart! more pics of sophie please!

    love you both!