Every other bugger's doing it..

I'm now on MySpace.

Although I'm not sure why. I think it's because I got sick of people asking if I'm on there and having to say no.

When I got on there I found some people I knew so that's neat. I sent them little messages and they'll presumably add themselves to my friend's list as I add myself to theirs. Then, I'll have exactly what I have here with hopefully an ever growing list of friends with dinky little pictures.

Like I said, I'm on My Space and I'm not sure why.

Disappointingly, the first person to contact me wanting to be my 'friend' was a reasonably attractive young woman in her undies with a webcam and if I gave her my credit card details she would show me what was inside her undies.

Accept or Deny?

Deny. And she's lucky I don't know her mum cos I'd tell her what her little minx of a daughter was up to..

Apparently more people go to MySpace now than Google so that's one good reason but I still haven't worked out what it is that people actually do there.

Still, I'm there, until I forget the password anyway. Nothing changes right here though. I quite like this blogspot business and I'm yet to be convinced that I'm not too old for MySpace.

If you're a MySpacer as well, drop by and add to the list of dinky pictures and cute messages and we'll see how we go.


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