Quite excited about my students this week

They’ve been having their first goes on air in the NZRTS Auckland studio and next week they’ll be doing two hour shows.

Big deal says the average broadcaster! To these kids though, some of which 6 weeks ago had never even set foot in a radio studio, it IS a really big deal.

I’ve been working them pretty hard this week, they’ve been learning how to use the computer system and broadcast desk while at the same time engaging their brain and voice. Not an easy ask! By the end of the semester though, round December, they’ll hopefully - the ones that want to be announcers anyway - have a polished sounding CD to present to future employers.

Now, I only teach studio and announcer skills, but my wife is always amazed that I spend more time talking about what my students did that day at school than what I did on air at night. She’s right, I do! As a tutor, that moment when someone ‘gets it’ is phenomenal. When someone improves on what they did last time, you really do swell with pride.

I’d almost forgotten after 15 years or however long I’ve been doing this radio business how tough it was to break into the industry and learn the skills in the first place, it wasn't easier or harder back then, just different.

As an aside I had a caller tonight asking what album #9 Dream by John Lennon was on. She was genuinely shocked when I started typing “john lennon” discography into Google instead of looking for a non existent CD in the back of the studio!

FYI: There are no CDs anymore – there are CD players but they’re not used very often. There are certainly no records. The music and the ads are ALL on one computer with two screens. To make each song / ad play, we press the F9 key. Yep, all this computer work and I'm still crap at typing.


  1. Oh how exciting for your students! I remember our wee station, Fox FM at the AUT Radio School - ours was teh first EVER AUT station and man it was scary! But we loved it - and reading your blog made me think about how passionate I felt about radio in those days. Good memories :o) Thanks for that wee flashback :o) Love to you both xxxxx Maddi

  2. Teaching is such a cool way to spend a day isn't it. Nice one Dave.