There's a hole in my house..

We don't have a kitchen in our house this week. It got ripped out on Friday and the old cupboards were taken away by the rubbish man this morning. This is what we're left with.

As it turns out - funny as it seems to me, running round where the cabinetry used to be singing "I’m in the pantry, now I’m in the pot cupboard..." makes me look like an idiot according to my wife. It's that state of limbo y'see, when you're excited about the kitchen arriving but you can't do anything but eat takeaways and cook in the microwave on the dining room table until it happens.

Tell me if you think this is wierd though...

I know it’s a sink and it’s only water and just the same as any other tap in the house but I just don't like washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

It's like filling a glass of water of of the bathtap... Or cleaning your teeth in the kitchen... Quite alright - just not *quite* right somehow...

A milestone approaches...

It's that wonderful moment when you stop counting your child's age in weeks, and begin to count in months. So to celebrate Sophie Smart turning 3 months old on Thursday September 14, and the fact that Dad can't wait til then to post these - here she is in all her cuteness!

I can sit all by myself. Ok, so I actually can't but the couch and cushion help. Although I fell over shortly after this was taken.

I love my jolly jumper and by heck I'm cute in it!

What am I looking at?

It's Mum!

She gives the best kisses.

Happy 3 months old to me!

Everyone remembers where they were..

..when they heard about September 11.

I was in Christchurch, it was a Wednesday. I worked for ZM and we were searching for our third contestant to fly with Nick Tansley from the ZM Morning Crew and myself as producer to Los Angeles for three weeks to do a “Radio Survivor” type competition with 5 ZM listeners called "Live or Die in LA." We were booked to fly to LA on the Saturday.

We’d done a very successful “Live or Die in New York” Promotion in March of that year and we were going for the double – I remember being in a Subway Station under the World Trade Centre on that trip trying to buy sunglasses from a guy dressed like Superman. The brand was Oakey. Not Oakley, Oakey. They were $10, although that’s another story.

Anyhoo, the cellphone rang at 3am in this hotel in Christchurch, it was a friend in Italy who was going to be in LA at the same and was looking to blag free accommodation off us while we were there. She said, “Turn on CNN, we won’t be catching up in LA.” and you know what it’s like when you turn on the TV in the dark after being asleep and it’s really bright until you get used to it? Yeah, once I got over that I saw what we’ve all seen hundreds of times over. The imagery of the planes hitting the towers and the subsequent explosions that will forever be burned into all of our subconsciousness.

1 X major Radio Survey Promotion in the bin.

Gutting, not just for the people involved in the atrocities of 9/11 - our hearts go out to their families today, 5 years on - but for the airpoints and all expenses paid 3 weeks in LA that I missed out on!

You know you’ve made it when…

You walk into your favourite coffee shop and the dude behind the counter asks how your daughter is. Not because he heard me on the radio, nothing like that.

He asked because he remembers that I come in most Thursdays and Fridays for a regular flat white to go before going to
school and the fact that I took the pram in the other Saturday and had a coffee when my wife was doing her Saturday afternoon radio show.

He pointed out that he’s seen me a lot (At least 2 full 'buy 10 get one free' cards) and introduced himself so we can call each other by name next time.

Now that’s service.
They may be a massive international franchise but with a little thing like that made me feel like an official 'regular'.
Thank you Gloria Jeans.