Everyone remembers where they were..

..when they heard about September 11.

I was in Christchurch, it was a Wednesday. I worked for ZM and we were searching for our third contestant to fly with Nick Tansley from the ZM Morning Crew and myself as producer to Los Angeles for three weeks to do a “Radio Survivor” type competition with 5 ZM listeners called "Live or Die in LA." We were booked to fly to LA on the Saturday.

We’d done a very successful “Live or Die in New York” Promotion in March of that year and we were going for the double – I remember being in a Subway Station under the World Trade Centre on that trip trying to buy sunglasses from a guy dressed like Superman. The brand was Oakey. Not Oakley, Oakey. They were $10, although that’s another story.

Anyhoo, the cellphone rang at 3am in this hotel in Christchurch, it was a friend in Italy who was going to be in LA at the same and was looking to blag free accommodation off us while we were there. She said, “Turn on CNN, we won’t be catching up in LA.” and you know what it’s like when you turn on the TV in the dark after being asleep and it’s really bright until you get used to it? Yeah, once I got over that I saw what we’ve all seen hundreds of times over. The imagery of the planes hitting the towers and the subsequent explosions that will forever be burned into all of our subconsciousness.

1 X major Radio Survey Promotion in the bin.

Gutting, not just for the people involved in the atrocities of 9/11 - our hearts go out to their families today, 5 years on - but for the airpoints and all expenses paid 3 weeks in LA that I missed out on!

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