There's a hole in my house..

We don't have a kitchen in our house this week. It got ripped out on Friday and the old cupboards were taken away by the rubbish man this morning. This is what we're left with.

As it turns out - funny as it seems to me, running round where the cabinetry used to be singing "I’m in the pantry, now I’m in the pot cupboard..." makes me look like an idiot according to my wife. It's that state of limbo y'see, when you're excited about the kitchen arriving but you can't do anything but eat takeaways and cook in the microwave on the dining room table until it happens.

Tell me if you think this is wierd though...

I know it’s a sink and it’s only water and just the same as any other tap in the house but I just don't like washing dishes in the bathroom sink.

It's like filling a glass of water of of the bathtap... Or cleaning your teeth in the kitchen... Quite alright - just not *quite* right somehow...


  1. The funny thing is walking around imaginary cabinets or taking step down when isn't one anymore.It will take little getting use too especially if you have moved doors.
    Lucky sophie is not walking around in the demolition.
    from on going renovator(M.T.)

  2. So when are we going to see the new kitchen?

  3. Just waiting on the tiles...