You know you’ve made it when…

You walk into your favourite coffee shop and the dude behind the counter asks how your daughter is. Not because he heard me on the radio, nothing like that.

He asked because he remembers that I come in most Thursdays and Fridays for a regular flat white to go before going to
school and the fact that I took the pram in the other Saturday and had a coffee when my wife was doing her Saturday afternoon radio show.

He pointed out that he’s seen me a lot (At least 2 full 'buy 10 get one free' cards) and introduced himself so we can call each other by name next time.

Now that’s service.
They may be a massive international franchise but with a little thing like that made me feel like an official 'regular'.
Thank you Gloria Jeans.

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  1. Providing good service is so simple, a genuine greeting goes along way to bring you customers back for more.
    Well done Gloria Jeans staff.