Radio Survey Results are in!

Click HERE to have a read through. These are Station Share figures for this radio show's performance for T2/2006.

Results courtesy of Reseach International.

Is it me, or all of us?

There seems to be a much stronger group of people this year who want to ban fireworks. Every year there's grumblings sure, but this year - everywhere I go there's someone wanting to off them for good.

I remember as a kid being a Poha thrower. All the neighbourhood kids were, we used to save up our pocket money for months beforehand and we'd hold a full scale battle each year. Tom thumbs were much less volatile and the tough kids would hold them between finger and thumb when they went off. We even used to make rocket launchers in metalwork for firing skyrockets. It's a wonder no-one got hurt, the most that ever happened though was a 50 pack going off on someones leg making a burn mark on your stonewash jeans. We were very lucky.

Now though, when I hear fireworks I just worry that the cats are outside... Are we getting less accepting of fireworks or am I just getting older?

Daddy Diary

Daughter Sophie's had a cranky couple of days through not sleeping very much during the day.

Today, when trying to get her back to normal - she was expecting to be cuddled all day as per the last few days cos that's all that worked. So what if the books say don't let them be cuddled to sleep - you're at the end of your tether and as a parent, you'll do what works thanks very much!

This presents a new problem though. Not only do you have to try and get things back to normal, you have to change the result of the fix jobs you tried as well.

Isn't it amazing how quick, even at 4 months old, kids pick up changes and throw tantys when things aren't to their liking.

Darling daughter has gone from a baby to a real little person with very strong convictions. Much like her mother!

Well, thank God that's over!

Another survey period has finished. One interesting thing about survey is that you're not allowed to talk about survey. It's like Fight Club in that respect, everyone knows that it's on but you're not allowed to say it's on in case you sway the people being surveyed.

I think it's pretty obvious for the listeners because all the stations start throwing their marketing budget about and give away lots of money. So we all know something's up, we're just not supposed to say that it's up. If this post is sounding familiar, go here. Results arrive in a couple of weeks and yes, I'll post them here. Here's the last lot.

So now you may notice that people in radio begin to take holidays. You may also notice that some of those people pop up on other stations or at other times of the day.

Our Presentation Co-ordinator left for a new job so I'm currently scheduling all the music you hear on Classic Hits. Good for the CV and I now have an extraordinarily strong mouse clicking finger and a headache. If you know radio with an ear for music and know your way round computers, you may want to click here and apply.

You may even notice that an announcer disappears suddenly and completely for a while and mutters to their friends about lawyers and the like. This is the way of the performance industry. Yes it's tough on family. Yes we worry about it, however I assure you it's quite the norm.

Just a BIT of hail at our place this morning...

You wouldn't expect white stuff like that in Onehunga on a normal October day would you?

Movember is coming..

Movember (the month formally known as November) is a charity event held during November each year. At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants known as Mo Bros then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustache and along the way raise as much money and awareness about male health issues as possible, in particular.

Funds raised in New Zealand will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. We challenge you to change the face of men's health...
Disappointingly, I'm not a very hairy man and it takes me nearly a month to grow barely visible facial hair so I'm out of the actual growing business. Still, it's a great cause and a bit of humour at the same time.

Content is king...

One of the biggest challenges that radio is facing nowadays, is the computer. Podcasting and the ability to download audio and video on demand will probably kick analogue radio quite hard in the nuts. Richard Phelps and Andrew Dubber speak of this with more knowledge than I do.

What this means is that we need to get on board the Overlander of podcasting and make what we do available to people who don't always have the time to sit and listen to a radio show. Seems simple enough and our Classic Hits website is currently having this feature built into it.

This is all well and good for the people who are outstanding broadcasters. Those polarising personalities that stand above the rest of us, giving us something to aspire to, those announcers who command appointment listening. I don't put myself into that category yet, I'm in the "Do a good job with good ratings on a music based show" category which makes it hard to figure out what the best stuff to put on the net is!

Thoughts like, ""Well, I had a funny caller at 8.42pm tonight so I could put that on..." Or, "That was a good competition winner but I can't put that on because the competition is now over..." go through my head.

I could put the 80s at 8 and 90s at 9 on maybe? That seems like a really good idea to me, however someone pointed out that a 25 minute feature including music, is going to be too big a file size. Will it? I'm yet to get a straight answer.

I don't know a whole lot about computers, I've learnt pretty much all I know by just jumping in and doing it so this needs to be treated the same way.

Here are two audio files for you to have a listen to. They work on my computer, they may not work on yours. I'm happy to receive feedback, just remember that I'm learning. I'm not doing this on expensive gear, I'm doing it in my little home studio on free websites. To have a play, kind of an unofficial trial.


Interviews were recorded a week or so before REM toured here last year.