Is it me, or all of us?

There seems to be a much stronger group of people this year who want to ban fireworks. Every year there's grumblings sure, but this year - everywhere I go there's someone wanting to off them for good.

I remember as a kid being a Poha thrower. All the neighbourhood kids were, we used to save up our pocket money for months beforehand and we'd hold a full scale battle each year. Tom thumbs were much less volatile and the tough kids would hold them between finger and thumb when they went off. We even used to make rocket launchers in metalwork for firing skyrockets. It's a wonder no-one got hurt, the most that ever happened though was a 50 pack going off on someones leg making a burn mark on your stonewash jeans. We were very lucky.

Now though, when I hear fireworks I just worry that the cats are outside... Are we getting less accepting of fireworks or am I just getting older?

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