Well, thank God that's over!

Another survey period has finished. One interesting thing about survey is that you're not allowed to talk about survey. It's like Fight Club in that respect, everyone knows that it's on but you're not allowed to say it's on in case you sway the people being surveyed.

I think it's pretty obvious for the listeners because all the stations start throwing their marketing budget about and give away lots of money. So we all know something's up, we're just not supposed to say that it's up. If this post is sounding familiar, go here. Results arrive in a couple of weeks and yes, I'll post them here. Here's the last lot.

So now you may notice that people in radio begin to take holidays. You may also notice that some of those people pop up on other stations or at other times of the day.

Our Presentation Co-ordinator left for a new job so I'm currently scheduling all the music you hear on Classic Hits. Good for the CV and I now have an extraordinarily strong mouse clicking finger and a headache. If you know radio with an ear for music and know your way round computers, you may want to click here and apply.

You may even notice that an announcer disappears suddenly and completely for a while and mutters to their friends about lawyers and the like. This is the way of the performance industry. Yes it's tough on family. Yes we worry about it, however I assure you it's quite the norm.


  1. That last paragraph isn't referring to yoruself is it Dave ? Hope we're not going to loose you from the Night Club on Classic Hits ! Tony D.

  2. better not lose you Dave!!!!!!if we lose you,classic hits will lose a few liseners in christchurch.

  3. Dave - what's the go with the Presentations Coordinator position? I've been thinking about applying, having done some programming work before (for the opposition shock! horror!), but I'm a bit of a young'un... early 20s...

    Worth bothering?

  4. For sure. Applcations close on Nov 3. E me privately if you'd like to know more on the lowdown, or e the boss for a job description.