Movember is over

And this is all I have to show for it. Rubbish really. And what's with that big gap in the middle? You could park a car in there. I'm officially the laughing stock of my hairier friends. My wife just says "oh, darling.." and runs away giggling.

Still, it's one of those things a man must do before he dies. Feel free to add some more in the comments section.

Baby Fitness.

Wife came up with this great idea – I’d like to claim it but that wouldn’t be right.

This isn’t for your kid, it’s for you. Three things that babies do that if you did them as an adult, you’d become quite fit indeed.

1: Lie on the ground and put your feet in the air.

Gaze at them, grab them and wave them around, pull your socks on and off, you can even occasionally put them in your mouth. Try it, it’s actually quite difficult to do for long periods of time.

2: Cry really loudly for at least an hour a day.

This is a great aerobic workout and does wonders for stress relief.

3: Run everywhere.

Toddlers do it. They have to because they have short legs compared to big people. Small ones in particular ‘stomp’ everywhere. Often in gumboots. If you run everywhere in gumboots as an adult, you’ll be running a marathon before you know it.

Daughter's got herself a blog..

Photos, regular updates and she's pretty good at typing too...  Ok, that's a lie. If she typed, she'd get pumpkin and banana on the computer.  Truth is, her mum is helping out just a little bit.  It's all Soph's ideas though. Genius, I tell you.

On holiday..

For TWO weeks! Driving from Auckland to Nelson with my girls to introduce Sophie to the Smart family. Returning to the show on November 20.

Happy days!