My students are graduating on Thursday

I used to be one of those people who said that tertiary institutions were a rip off. particularly from a radio point of view. Turning out dozens of young hopefuls every year into an industry where there were sod all jobs. Don't even get me started on the fees they have to pay either!

Then, I grew up in a small town and didn't even bother with 7th form and I've managed to get by.

Now that I'm a tutor at the NZRTS, I've had to change my viewpoint a little! There are still sod all jobs, and those of us in jobs are also often fearful that we're going to get the arse - there have been several redundancies in our company this year alone and then there's the performance issue. If you continually fail to get ratings, they'll change the show / station / announcer with it.

Shitty way to live but it sure keeps you on your toes!

So, why should I encourage people with talent through a course who may one day be a threat to my survival in the industry? That's how I USED to think.

Now when I look at my students and what they've achieved over the past semester, I find myself beaming with pride. Thye've gone from minimal or no broadcasting skills to people who can work in a radio station and hold their own as a junior broadcaster.

Teachers reading this will know what I mean. It's a great payoff! That person's skills are the result of my work. I guess builders feel the same way when they look at a house and say, "I built that, it wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me". That's job satisfaction right there and it's very hard to beat.

Before you say, ah so Smart's going to quit his show and become a teacher, stop. I ain't. I'm a broadcaster first and foremost. I've worked a lot of years to get my own show and I'm not giving it up! Still, it's nice to have a sideline that gives you so much satisfaction.

So on Thursday, they graduate. One starts his first full time job on Friday. Others already have part time work and others still are applying left right ane centre and will get jobs.

Unfortunately, some won't. Some have been so slack on the course I can't fathom why they wasted their money. Some just haven't got it.

Luckily for them, in this new world where every Manager demands a degree or higher qualifcation of some sort - they'll get by. I've learnt that. I've also learnt that the Universities will continue to make shitloads of money because the student loans are available giving students the means to pay the fees. Oh, and the world will continue to go round and all that as well.

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