I can safely say that I didn’t get the afternoon job and now I’ve got that horrible stomach feeling you get when someone breaks up with you.

Oh, they haven’t said who is getting the job yet. Apparently they can’t until the contract is signed. Which seems weird, they’re obviously sure the person will say yes otherwise they wouldn’t have told everyone else who has applied, no.

However, life goes on, and in the immortal words of Chopper, harden the f*ck up Smart.

Chopper Read Says " Harden The F##K Up!" - video powered by Metacafe

Thanks for your support, back to the night show in Feb. Here’s to 2007!


  1. sorry to hear you didnt get the day time job but remember one thing.....always follow your dream.
    i have learnt to do this and it's a great feeling when your dream comes true.

  2. sorry to hear you didn't get the Waikato, or Day time gig Smarty.

    You know, as we'll as we all do, the true reality of the radio industry.

    You are privileged to be a network night time host. Some people would do ANYTHING to have your job.

    Even if the hours do SUCK!!!!!!

    Always enjoy your shows Dave!

    Keep up the good work, and as someone else said.

    NEVER give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!