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I was going to choose this when I first started blogging but I thought it looked a bit bland. Funny how things change, now I think it's kinda nice and minimalist and not quite so snot green as the other one.

Madonna, the Queen of reinvention was asked by
Parkinson why she keeps changing and reinventing herself and she said (in an American accent which has morphed into something quite English now) "I prefer to call it growing." Or words to that effect.

He then asked her when she decided to do the
sex book and she replied with, "When I started thinking about sex."

Cue: Laughter from live audience and stuttering from Parkinson.

I dispute that, because when that book came out in 1992, I'd suggest Madonna and her virginity had long since parted company.

Maybe she just started thinking about it in a different way. And being a teenage boy when she decided to publish photos of herself in the nude, I thank her for it.

So, new year, new challenges, new focus for Smart.

One of my personal challenges has been to continue to cull the people from my past who don't add anything to our family unit or our lives.

That may sound harsh, so let me explain. It's kind of like putting old photos in a box and sliding them under the spare bed because there's no need to have them in the display albums anymore.

In saying that, we still must recognise that they're not gone forever. They're an important part of our past and had a part in sculpting us into what we are today.

Everything else now comes second to family and home.

This year, I will see my daughter take her first steps and along with my beautiful wife make the appropriate steps toward having another baby.

I will meet my half brother tonight for the first time. I wonder if we'll be simliar? I wonder if we'll get on? We have the same father, will he be a doorway to a man I've never met?

My Aunty Sue is coming up to stay for a few days next week and I've got her Corporate Box seats at the last
Breakers game of the season - she's a huge fan.

We'll go to Nelson and visit my grandfather in April.

We'll upgrade our bathroom and finish the kitchen renovations.

We must work of course, there's no denying that and I love what I do. In that, I'm lucky. A lot of people hate their jobs. I have the best job in the world. It's just the hours that are shitty.

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  1. I think your blog page needs more Bling.It is a bit clinical.It dosn't justify the content.I luv your blogs.