OK, I can talk about it now.

I applied to be Classic Hits Waikato Breakfast Host, but I didn't get it.

Bunty, our afternoon host got it. And while I miss out to a colleague, we've both been honest with each other and agreed way back that we'd be well stoked for the other if he got it.

Bunty and I are lucky, we' have a friendship stretching back a good 12 years. Back then, he was my boss! He was breakfast announcer and Programme Drector at Classic Hits 90FM in Nelson and I was the weekend kid.

So now, Bunty is leaving which leaves his show open. Am I going to apply? You betcha. Already done. A part of me wants to abuse the power of the internet and post my bosses email address on here and encourage you the reader to email him and say good things about me. I wouldn't do that though. If you wanted to email him, I'm sure you could find his email address from the Classic Hits website in the Contact Us section where it says "Management / Complaints"

Of course, that wouldn't be the done thing now would it.

Keep you posted.


  1. is that a hint Dave????

  2. Dave, I am sure you will get the job with flying colours. You have my vote. Keep up the great work. Smarty's Big Drive Home, sounds good to me.

  3. Taking Advantage!

    My god I've become a blogger type person! ha. Always tht people who did this had no friends...

    Just to say Dave there’s' good in all bad and in this case, disappointment. As a front rower student on the course we're all stoked that you're still with us and that we can take (in the most respectable form possible of course) distinct advantage of you, your talents, your drive and your passion!

    Keep it real Sir Smarty!