Ok ok I'm not dead...

Yeah so I haven’t posted in ages – it’s the holidays! Haven’t really felt much like sitting in the office to be fair.

I can tell you that I applied for a job and didn’t get it. I was number 2 though so that was nice. I’d like to tell you more about it but the official announcement hasn’t been made by the bosses so it’s not my place to say.

Still, as I say to my students, every move creates a hole behind it, and the person who gets the job that you miss out on is now out of your way for the next job that comes up!

Why do I want a new job? There are three reasons.

1: My wife gets lonely at night. Soph is asleep, and Coronation St is only on 3 nights a week! Sure she has visitors and is quite social and all that carry on but a marriage is no fun when your husband is away at work 5 nights a week. We’re a team and are meant to do things together.

2: Most folks with a bit of ambition like to move up the ranks and after 3 years in one position, I’m ready! Even though I work within the greatest radio team in the land, I have dreams, aspirations, goals...

3: We’re growing out of our house! Aunty Judi very kindly gave us Sophie’s second bed for when she moves out of the cot and we’ve got nowhere to put it! Moving creates its own issues though, what school zone, (really thinking ahead here), what can we afford, in what suburb, or what TOWN even? Anna’s after a bit of consistency so the move we next make needs to be a mid to long term move.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy. I LOVE doing this show and I’m contracted for another year or so yet so unless it’s an internal shift, I can’t leave anyway.

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